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My name is Lee Harris. I am an IT consultant based near Birmingham, UK. My work sees me focusing on SDDC technologies, especially around automation.

I'm a long suffering Aston Villa supporter, PC gaming enthusiast and technology geek.

You can contact me via LinkedIn or Twitter: @leemarkharris

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  1. Abdala Bechara

    31/03/2015 at 04:46

    Hi Lee,
    I have to confess, that I have spent countless hours trying to find the right post and solution for building my Home Lab. Your post’s and explanation were very clear and made lot of sense to me as I’m also a consultant in a different arena Mobile Device Design/Management and Implementation and as such I have keep my edge. My question is have you made any updates to your hardware list and configuration since you first posted the article. I’m on the process of building the shopping list and would like to have the latest but do not want to go over and I’m not drinking at the time of this note 🙂 .
    Thank you, in advance Lee and look forward to your response.

    • Lee Harris

      13/04/2015 at 12:38

      Hi Al,

      Well you’ll no doubt make better choices than me due to your judgement not being clouded by alcohol 😉

      That said, I haven’t updated the kit list since I did the original build. The only changes I’ve made was to add an additional 8GB of memory to the NAS host, taking it up to 16GB total as I decided I wanted to run it as a third vSphere ESXi host and virtualise the NAS platform.

      I think the general principals by which I determined this kit list still stand however. Motherboards that support 64GB of RAM are the way to go. Multiple 1Gbps NICs are also really the only option for connectivity, 10GbE is still way too expensive as is Infiniband.

      Good luck with your lab build.


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