07119My girlfriend, who has a very sweet tooth got quite upset about this. I kept mentioning this raspberry pie I'd ordered and she was getting kind of excited about the prospect of it being delivered. She couldn't quite fathom why I'd ordered a pie from eBay instead of just getting one from the supermarket, but chose not to question me about it. When I told her it had finally arrived, her face lit up. That is until I dangled the small circuit board in front of her. She just gave me a look that was equal parts confusion and disappointment.

Before I go any further with the lab build I decided to configure the Raspberry Pi I bought. Initially the device was meant to provide a way of issuing Wake-On-LAN commands to my ESXi hosts remotely, but after tinkering with the Pi for a bit and doing a spot of Googling it seemed it had the potential to perform a number of other functions for me too.

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