It's been a while since I've had the time to write any new articles on here. Real life has been getting in the way for months, but now I'm back and I will be adding new content soon. Now that I have new toys to play with...

Back in the summer of 2015 I decided to redecorate the upstairs of my home. Not being the sort of person who does things by halves, this quickly ended up in a full on remodelling. I'd started off wanting to do a bit of painting here and there but before I knew it, walls were being knocked down and I was quickly back to bare brickwork.

Anyway, 20+ cubic yards of skip and six months later I'm almost finished. During the work I was without a home office, so all of my IT equipment was packed in boxes and stacked floor to ceiling in my lounge save from my work laptop which took over the dining room table. Six months of takeaways eaten from the lap in front of the TV was bliss hell.

Things are getting back to normal now. My office has been refurbished, but there are a bunch of other additions which I'm quite excited about:

200~ meters of CAT5e installed around the house. I've got 4 RJ45 wall outlets in both bedrooms and the lounge.

IMG_0147These all link back to 12 RJ45 ports in the office.


I've got a fully refurbished office with a fancy wooden floor and a new radiator to keep my feet warm.


A custom made desk for all of my junk to live on. I went for an industrial look.


All of my displays are now wall mounted, and I've added a 40″ Samsung UE40JU6400 Ultra-HD display. Can't have enough desktop real estate in my opinion.


With all that new network connectivtity, the old Dell 24 port switch wasn't going to cut it any more, so I've upgraded to a HP 1920-48G.


I've got everything up and running temporarily, including the old lab which has undergone an upgrade to vSphere 6, but all of the setup needs to be re-done properly and as I go through everything I will be making posts about what I've done. Over the next couple of months I intend to publish the following articles:

  • Stuffing my pi-hole
  • HP's super secret switch command line
  • CAT5 cable, repetitive strain injury and you
  • Don't buy a 4K TV
  • Don't buy an nVidid Titan X
  • How much does VAAI support mean to you?
  • The poor must reconcile their hate for 802.3ad
  • RDMs, software RAID and night terrors
  • Hardware RAID auf Deustch
  • Bargain Hardware
  • Firmware flashing and the bricked RAID controller
  • And much, much more.