So much for the promised return.


April 2019 I was excited about having just purchased a load of new kit for my home lab. The plan was to write a number of blog posts as I went through the process of getting all of my new toys up and running. A few months earlier in January, I found myself starting on a big, high profile project. I was away from home all week for what turned into months on end and working long hours. Getting home at the weekend, the last thing I wanted to do was carry on effectively working. At this point, I've been on that same project for over a year with a break. The pressure has eased off a bit recently and the working conditions are now more flexible, but it's all consuming.

There are some real super heroes within the IT industry. Those guys and girls (I've worked with a few) who just absolutely live and breathe this stuff. They just keep going and going. 40+ hours a week on the clock then more techie stuff, research and blogging in the evenings and every weekend. They really build a name for themselves within the industry through their constant hard work. At one point, I thought I wanted to be one of those guys; part of me still does, but it turns out that there's a reason the number of people like that is relatively small. It's really frickin' hard to keep it up.

I've concluded that it's not healthy for me to be ‘always on' and I really needed to spend less time in front of a keyboard for both my physical and mental well-being. I keep wondering whether to shut down this blog as it's been largely inactive for a long time, but I suspect I will return to posting at some point in the future. Besides, the hosting and domain registration fees are really low and I'm too lazy to cancel the auto-renewal anyway 😀

In the meantime, I might post about some other stuff I'm doing that isn't IT related, more for myself, but if anyone else finds it useful then great.