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Month: May 2020


I wonder if any of the thoughts I have are unique. Are the majority of my thoughts derivative; influenced by what I consume from other sources? Originality, wit, wisdom and intelligence are traits most of us admire in others and aspire to ourselves. But in this age of social media, viral memes and streaming media we are no longer competing with our circle of friends or the blokes down the pub, we are competing with the entire planet.

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I always think blogging  or tweeting, unless you are someone famous or well known in a specific field, is a bit like shouting into a void. I think about this whenever I attempt to put pen to paper. However, when I happen to stumble across something useful or interesting on someone elses blog I think it's great and I'm really appreciative of them taking the effort to write about whatever the topic happens to be. Shortly afterwards I think to myself, "I should blog more." Then I login to this and the doubt creeps back in, "What's wrong with you, you ego-maniac. No one cares about what you have to say." And I close the browser window.

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