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Since recently acquiring a 48-port layer 3 switch, rebuilding my network has been on my to-do list. What exactly I wanted to setup though, hasn't been very clear in my mind. I've spent a lot of time contemplating different configs, so I thought I would write down my musings. Hopefully it will allow me to get some clarity and who knows, maybe it'll help someone else too. After all, sharing is caring.

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For a blog called "automationguy" there is very little (read, none at all) stuff about automation on here. I am still in the process of building out the infrastructure of my lab and getting it just right. As soon as that is done, there will be the environment for me to being writing articles on automation.


If you do, you should follow my original posts about building a homelab based on whitebox hardware. If on the other hand you prefer to not waste money you should check out this eBay seller who is flogging enterprise hardware (albeit a bit old) for silly money. I will post the link once I realise what the catch is and am sure I don't want to buy anything myself. Can't have demand driving the price up!

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I recently forked out for a 4K TV to try out as a monitor on my PC. Despite reading a number of reviews that 4K TVs didn't work very well as monitors I was undeterred and went ahead with the purchase anyway. If it had been no good I would have just ended up with a new TV for the bedroom. As it happens things went better than expected.

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It's been a while since I've had the time to write any new articles on here. Real life has been getting in the way for months, but now I'm back and I will be adding new content soon. Now that I have new toys to play with...

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My old Raspberry Pi's power supply blew up and took the SD card with it. So, I thought, what better excuse do I need to fork out for a brand new Raspberry Pi 2? And that's exactly what I did; bought a Rpi 2 starter kit from Amazon! After setting up my new Pi to perform the same functions as the old one (DHCP/DNS, VPN Server, Remote Wake-On-LAN etc). I decided to see if it was possible to use it as a PXE server to perform network installations of ESXi 6.0. Spoiler alert -- it is!

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Hi. Apologies for not posting more to this blog. I've been incredibly busy with work for a good while now and this shows no sign of abating any time soon. That said, I am aiming to post articles more regularly, starting today with a guide on how to perform PXE installs of ESXi 6.0 using a Raspberry Pi.

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